Jade Signature’s parallelogram footprint was derived from an extensive study of the sun’s movement throughout the day. Strategically positioning the building at an oblique angle to the ocean maximizes the pool and the beach’s exposure to the sun. It allows the southern sun to have an extended presence on the beachside landscape and residences.


Having moved all parking underground, the tower is able to be surrounded by a large expanse of landscaping – no other local development has this proportion of greenery. Gently sloping beachside lands-caping provides unbroken access between the building, resort deck and beach.


The interior and exterior are seamlessly connected: the street connects to the lobby, the lobby overlooks the pool, and the pool is on the beach. With its three levels of underground parking, Jade Signature’s amenities are on or just above beach level, enhancing the resort-living experience.


Walls spanning from east to west provide living spaces that offer simultaneous views of both spectacular horizons. From ocean to Intracoastal Waterway, residences take in a boundless backdrop. Optimal natural ventilation is provided by true flow-through layouts for all residences with three or more bedrooms.


Slabs articulate the individual floors and extend each living area out onto massive terraces, making unrivaled indoor and outdoor living spaces. Dividing walls, spanning the whole width of the building, are carefully shaped at the ends, forming curved supports that cohere with the sculptural, hour-glass shaped pillars at the corners of the tower. These elegantly frame the stunning views eastward over the ocean and westward over the Intracoastal Waterway and city.